I am Elena!

I dumped the life that was killing me and crossed the world under my own power, to live as I want

My fight with my world to live as I want and journey across the planet with the woman I love, shook up my whole life and reshaped me completely. I discovered, I am capable. I can stand strong and achieve the unimaginable! Back in Russia, I couldn't conceive of the relationship, adventure and freedom I have now. I am living my own dream!

I am sharing with you my story of liberation, love and staying true to yourself no matter what!

Talking to the Moon, book, Elena Ivanova
Talking to the Moon
Beyond First Sight, Elena Ivanova
Beyond First Sight
Говорящая с луной, Елена Иванова
Говорящая с луной
Параллель, Елена Иванова

My voyage with Meg
Meg and Elena speak!
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I know the secret

To anybody who feels, they don't determine their life but want to finally start living, fully, honestly, without self-betrayal and lies, I would recommend to listen to your heart. Figure out, what it is you want. Never listen to those, who hold you down and undermine you in any way. You have got your best friend already. It is you! You just need to listen to yourself. As to the forces that we have very little control over, I would say, screw it. There is always somebody, who is ruling over us and who we are stuck with. But what we can do, is to make small steps each day that are right for us. Be honest, mainly with yourself. Define, what bothers you and why. Do, what you need to, for you! The very first action I took that was right for me, gave me the life I have now! In the roar of voices around me who screamed I was horrible and wrong, I listened to my heart just once. I sought Meg out. I found her! We have a life together! And I am free!