Postcards From Exile

Notes from our life on the run

Our journey never ended. What we thought was our voyage to safety and "home", turned out to be our journey to freedom. It is not a location, it is staying true to ourselves, standing up for our dignity and life and connecting to like-minded people who appreciate and recognize us for who we are. For us, none of it was Meg's country. We go on following our hearts and searching for a place where we would be welcome. We remain citizens of two enemy states. To stay together, we live on the run between the few countries that permit both Russians and Canadians ashore as tourists.

In Exile, On the Run and Together

November 2021

What happened with us in Canada and how we live now.

Love Across Enemy Lines

November 2021

An update on how Meg and I live now and me reading my article about what it takes Meg and I to be together.

Dear Media

October 2021

I am brassed off with some of the media using our story to wave their own flags.

Make Your own Rights

Meg says that human rights, freedom and dignity are ultimately up to the individual.

Photos of our last place in exile

July 2021